5 Years Later, Passion Project Reaches Final Chapters


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The highly commended series known as Ben 10 got a worthy successor in the form of Fan project 5 Years Later. The comic was created by The Ink Tank Youtube channel. It shows well known heroes Ben 10 and Danny Phantom battling villains Eon and Vlad with their army of nanite infested alternate Bens. This continuation series has got recognition from both Ben 10 and Danny Phantom creators as well as a website, Wiki and merchandise. It's now nearing its eight and final chapter where the ultimate victor will be revealed. The Ink Tank even issued a create your own Alien competition on August 1st 2019.      

The eight chapter has been delayed because the lead artist for 5YS known as Kuro The Artist has fallen victim to undisclosed life issues. There are multiple drawing skills that take time to master. Fans will need to stay aware of the fact this passion project is done for free.

Another extremely popular animation created by Alvin Earthworm on the classic website Newgrounds was most commonly known as Super Mario Bros Z which took the current craze of Power Point animation to the next level. It heavy influence from the currently popular Dragon Ball Z cartoon. Its plot had Mario, Luigi, Sonic and Shadow the hedgehog battling a crazed Metal Sonic trying to achieve ultimate power through the chaos emeralds. The series was discontinued because its Patreon was shut down by Nintendo and the creator was suffering from a case of depression. There was a reboot but that was, to the dismay of fans, discontinued after the first episode.    

God Butcher In Thor Love And Thunder

After Avengers Endgame it was revealed that Thor would be travelling with the Guardians of the Galaxy. This spawned the Asgardians of the Galaxy theory. During comic-con Marvel revealed their panel that had Blade, Thor and some Eternals information. Not much has been revealed about the Eternals and Blade but news of Thor and Doctor Strange was shared. It was confirmed that Natalie Portman's Jane Foster would make a return as the new Thor. There are also apparent rumors of the villain being the God Butcher. The God Butcher was a man from a primitive planet who swore to kill all gods. This was because his race worshiped gods that did nothing to help them. He murdered a god with the necrosword and became a god slaying man of ironically god like stature.     

Nightmare In Doctor Strange 2

The game changing Marvel Studios film Doctor Strange is finally getting a sequel. The name Multiverse of Madness suggests that it will delve deeper into the concept for a multiverse proposed by the ancient one. The idea was teased in Spider-man Far from home but was just a lie told by Quentin Beck. This film is also rumored to feature the Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff 

The villain of this movie is proposed to be the infamous nightmare. A fear manipulating demon that could be described as anti Cupid. Dormmamu was most certainly a menacing villain but was already a used concept. Whether the character of Baron Mordo will reappear is unclear. Some could argue he's an anti hero but if he is then he's a prejudiced one at that. 

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