Absolute Carnage #2

Spider-Man and Venom are still trapped in Raven-croft with Carnage and a newly Carnagized Norman Osborn. Luckily Venom is finally able to destroy the wall of the cell they're cornered in so they can escape.

They escape to roof of the prison. Unfortunately, Raven-croft is nowhere near a building and Spider-Man is out of web fluid. Luckily, Venom picked up a few tricks after battling the Symbiote god Knull and his symbiote dragon which is what made Carnage so powerful. He obtained the power to grow wings.

They escape and Eddie calls up the Maker who reveals some distressing news. Eddie Brock (Venom's host) has a son called Dylan who believes that Eddie is his brother. Eddie's ex-wife Anne had him shortly after bonding with Venom for a short time. The Codex that Anne received ,after discarding the symbiote, was passed onto Dylan when he was born. Carnage is looking for the Codices so he can bring back the symbiote god Knull. Speaking of Carnage he's currently hashing it out with Norman Osborn who believes that he's the real Cletus Kasedy.

Carnage can't take his rambling. Every symbiote around the world is now under the influence of Carnage. The Scream symbiote is hunting down Venom's former partner Mania and the Light foundation symbiotes are in the middle of assaulting The Maker's base of operations.

We then jump over to Miles Morales who's in the middle of protecting the former Venom host who's most commonly known as Scorpion. Scorpion obviously leaves as he doesn't his spine torn out. Venom immediately throws him back into the fight to make sure that Miles has backup. Carnage is right where Scorpion lands though and he promptly collects the codex in Scorpion's spine.

This happens just as Carnage gets his hands on the only person who can succesfully remove a symbiote at this point. Miles Morales is Carnagized.

Things are now very bad. Who's to say that they can't get worse.

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