Absolute Carnage #3

Spider-Man and Venom are still trying to rescue Scorpion from the Carnage drones. Miles Morales has been Carnagized though and has lost all rational thought.

The symbiote wants Eddie Brock to kill Miles Morales because Carnage is Venom's son and the symbiote feels an overwhelming responsibility to kill all of those infected with Carnage's spores. But he's got another problem. Norman Osborn is hear to play.

Eddie actually manages to get through to Norman. He's certainly a monster but when Eddie brings up Normie, Norman has a moment of humanity. Venom just wants Eddie to kill him and end it already. Venom tries to do it himself.

Eddie wants to help Scorpion, but he finds little help in Venom. When Eddie finds himself running to help, Venom just continues to stand in the same place. The symbiote is going to finish the job and kill Norman Osborn.

Eddie manages to convince Venom not to kill Norman Osborn. Venom complies but tells Eddie not to blame him when they lose. When they get back to the Maker's lab they find out a few things. 1) The Light Foundation symbiotes bonded with the unwilling Maker to become an symbiote "Hybrid".

2) The Thing, Spider-Man, Captain America and Wolverine all managed to extract the Codex from Normie Osborn.

3) The person who's operating the machine is Bruce Banner.

Eddie also gets to see his son Dylan and Venom's son, the sleeper symbiote who's bonded itself with a cat after its previous host died.

That's when we get a big reveal. Eddie Brock comes running into the building telling everyone to look out. The Eddie Brock we've seen up to this point was Carnage in disguise.

Carnage's drones start pouring in through the ceiling and Spider-Man takes Dylan and Normie to make a run for it. Venom thinks its time to take drastic measure and jumps from Eddie to Bruce Banner. Carnage immediately kills him.

Carnage clearly doesn't know who this is. Bruce Banner might be smart but Hulk has punched his way out of the literal depths of hell. But we all know that with Venom...

He's the strongest one there is...

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