Avengers #12-#17

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

With Black Panther creating his own version of S.H.I.E.L.D there's more problems afoot as there's a vampire civil war brewing in the underworld. A group of Vampires attempting to overthrow Dracula who's lost a majority of power. One of the vampires even has a smaller version of the Man-Thing going by the alias of the Boy-Thing. Dracula even shows up in Russia to ask the winter guard for help but they just lock him up as it's normally a terrible idea to trust a vampire and especially the king of them. But Dracula has lost that title. #Losthistouch

The Avengers decide to combat this threat by bringing on the day walker himself, Blade. They decide to go after this vampire splinter group but during the assault Ghost rider is corrupted by one and turned into a mind controlled pawn. Luckily, Blade bit him which released his mind from the control and Blade manages to kill the lead vampire with the help of the Boy-Thing who provided Stakes.

Johnny Blaze, The first Ghost rider and current king of Hell promises to talk to the current Ghost rider Robbie Reyes and explain to him the ins and outs of being a ghost rider. The issue ends with the remaining vampire splinter group members torturing Dracula by killing his loved ones in front of him.

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