Updated: Jul 8, 2019

With members of the army dead how will they defeat their fiercest enemies.

The issue begins where the last one ended. Death had come to spider-man noir and spider-UK. Everyone is trying to fight the Inheritors there but they're failing which is when Spider-Gwen pulls Dr Octopus aside to ask ,that since he's a supervillain, does he have a lair self destruct. At first Octavius is offended after being called a supervillain since he's trying to heal his ways but he then reveals that he actually does have one. Spider-Gwen stays behind to fight the inheritors while the rest make a run for it but when they get outside Gwen doesn't make it out before the building explodes. Despite their devastation they all went to see the former inheritor known as Karn who is now the keeper of the web of life and destiny where the split is formed Dr Octopus believes that they should kill the inheritors and Miles Morales thinks they should imprison them. Octavia Otto, Dr Octopus and Spider punk all go to find spiders who are willing to kill the inheritors. Unfortunately straight after they leave Karn is attacked and killed by the inheritor known as Verna. While spider-punk goes out to find more allies Dr Octopus and Octavia are discussing ways to defeat the inheritors when Dr Octopus puts on a black and red suit announcing that he's once again The superior Spiderman.

"Spider-gedon #2 continues a fantastic event that has delivered at every step and Marvel is knocking it out of the park" said Graphic Policy on comic book round up

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