Guardians of the galaxy

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

The new guardians of the galaxy, will the new stay or will the old return?

The new Guardians of the Galaxy have arrived but will they live up to the legacy.

We certainly think so.

“I want to see this Thanos story playout, I want him to be brought back to life somehow.” Said Dannymalt comic reviews

This book starts with all of the main cosmic forces of the marvel universe all meeting up so we have cosmic ghost rider, the shiarr , the skrulls and the kree all meeting up to celebrate the death of Thanos at the hands of Gamora. #atthispointrequim So basically Thanos's headless body is in the middle of the room with the brother of Thanos known as starfox is with it and then tells everyone at the party that they still have a problem. This is when he reveals that Thanos had a will saying that his mind was going to be transferred into a different body and starfox brings up pictures of individuals who Thanos could transfer his mind into. Starfox then reveals that the need to kill Gamora since she's gone of the rails since she killed Thanos and because she's most likely the person for Thanos to transfer his mind into.

Then all of a sudden the Black order shows up and starts blasting apart the ship everyone is on and open a black hole to suck up the ship

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