Heroes in crisis #1

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Where do the heroes go when they've seen to much

Sanctuary, a place created as a place for heroes (And villains) open up and talk about their problems as superpowered individuals.

The sanctuary for superpowered people

The story begins with the time travelling superhero known as Booster Gold is having a cup of coffee at a diner when non other than Harley Quinn walks in the door and the woman running the diner thought she was a superhero but Booster promptly corrected her. We then cut to Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman who are looking into something that's happened at sanctuary which is when Superman walks into the farm house at Sanctuary, where he sees the dead body's of Arsenal (Red arrow) and Wally West (Kid Flash) at the door. Superman says over the radio: Kid Flash and Arsenal are confirmed. We then cut back to Harley Quinn and Booster Gold with Harley just finishing her pie. Harley then grabs the knife she was eating with and stabbed into Booster's ribs. Booster blasted Harley away and out of the diner.

Then Harley who at this point is struggling to stay standing jumps onto Booster's back and the fly higher and higher into the sky when Harley stabs Booster again and they both start to fall to the ground. As Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are surveying all of the dead bodies at Sanctuary we cut back to Harley and Booster who've crashed. Booster then says that Harley shouldn't have killed all of the heroes at sanctuary and then Harley accuses Booster of killing all of them.

And so the murder mystery thickens!?

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