House of X #1

Jonathon Hickman starts off this story with a strange twist to it. People who look like Jean Grey and Cyclops emerge from human sized spores on the living island of Krakoa. They're "hatched" by a person who we're told to be Charles Xavier.

They look like they're clones of some sort with one of them clearly being able to blast lasers out of his eyes which almost confirms Cyclops and the Woman next to him is a red head.

Time passes on from that moment where we learn that Charles Xavier has finally got what every mutant has ever wanted. The ability to create a stable homeland for all of of mutant kind. He's set up this mutant homeland on the living island of Krakoa and he's established solid transport to and from the island using these plants from Krakoa that create vortexes.

These flowers are planted at Westchester, the Blue area of the moon and even Mars. This creates the perfect way for the mutants to get to Krakoa and establish a working system.

They've even been given their own language. That's when you know Jonathon Hickman is bringing everything to the table ad there is no slowing down.

That's when we discover that only mutants can come through the gateways and that any human that wants to go to Krakoa must be accompanied by a mutant. Its revealed to us after the question is dropped by a student.

The plant life on Krakoa vary from having effects on humans and mutants. There are two different species of flowers for two different species of life form. The mutant flowers can create self sustaining Eco systems like Krakoa.

The human flowers however, they can extend human life five more years. The countries of the world really want that ability. The countries of the world will trade peace for the possibility of immortality and a cure for all sickness. They just need to end mutant hatred.

Politicians are being sent to Krakoa. They're going to look at what they're being offered. They're also going to answer the question of will Krakoa be recognized as a perfectly legal and well founded country?

These politicians aren't being greeted by Charles Xavier. They're being greeted by Magneto and the Stepford Cuckoos.

He's not completely trusted by the politicians since they all know the things that he's done to become as well known as he is. They also don't trust the fact that the mutants can just move anyone anywhere without being noticed.

The Stepford Cuckoos then reveal that some of the ambassadors aren't technically ambassadors. The one from China is actually part of the Chinese science division that has their research cut out for them thanks to the drugs. Two of them aren't even ambassadors and one of them is a member of S.T.R.I.K.E and the other is an ex S.H.I.E.L.D member.

These agents are here because they're members of Orchis. An organization that's Doomsday prepping to make sure that mutants don't overthrow humanity. In 20 years there won't be any human genes left.

They've done this with the help of Omega Sentinel. One of the most powerful Sentinels of all time. Magneto then explains that they need to get something straight. 1.This is their offer. 2.The Mutants are the new gods of humanity.

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