House Of X #3

The story picks up with Cyclops, Magneto and Charles Xavier where they've assembled their team to destroy the mother mold. The piece of machinery constructed by the mutant monitoring organisation of Orchis. The team consists of Wolverine, Arkangel, Monet, Husk, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler and Husk. They've got an edge after in Powers Of X #3 Wolverine killed Moira Mctaggert who was carrying the information stolen from the man machine supremacy which meant that she reincarnated into her tenth life with the information to stop mother mold.

With the help of the sentinel organism infected character of Omega Sentinel Orchis constructed Mother mold which would orbit the sun and for good reason. If Mother mold were to go rogue then they could drop it into the sun without any casualties.

The X-men get there before Orchis can even react because of the blackbird's cloaking technology from the Shiaar empire. Orchis is still relatively new to the spotlight and aren't even prepared for them. They're confused about how the X-men found out about what they're doing as they don't know about Moira Mactaggert's powers yet.

Orchis deploys their Sentinels on Mercury but they're too far away to reach Mother mold in time. The X-men have all of this planned out.

Orchis soldiers mobilize as the X-men start blasting off the main control rod that's keeping Mother mold from collapsing into the sun. The lead scientist's husband Arazimus is having none of it though. The weapon he's carrying has other explosive capabilities. Re-assembling it in a different fashion creates an explosive device. That device goes off.

Every mutant on the jet is killed. The suicide mission they were sent to undertake lived up to its name. They couldn't have brought one of the Krakoan portal opening plants because they didn't want anything like that to fall into human hands. They all knew the stakes.

We head back down to earth where Sabretooth is being tried for his actions after being captured during his and Mystique's assault on Damage control to obtain information about Mother mold. Emma Frost and the Stepford Cuckoos arrive and Frost is going by the name the White queen.

Since the U.S.A recognizes Krakoa as an established country their laws clearly state that Sabretooth has diplomatic immunity. They can't give Sabretooth a trial on US soil. They take him at the dismay of the hearing.

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