House Of X #4

The story picks up where the last book left off. The Blackbird is still damaged from the explosion created by the sacrifice of the lead Orchis scientist Dr Gregor's, husband. If they don't drop Mother mold into the sun then it will create so many Sentinels that mutants will be destroyed forever. Unfortunately, Ark-Angel and Husk have been killed.

Meanwhile, the Stepford Cuckoos and Professor X have combined their mutant abilities to make contact with the surviving X-men on the Blackbird. They use the combined powers of storm to create an artificial model of Jean Grey using the pool of liquid in the cavern they're in.

Nightcrawler teleports Cyclops, Mystique and Wolverine to remaining control collars that are holding Mother Mold from falling into the sun. Wolverine and Cyclops deactivate their assigned control collars but Mystique has run into a complication. The lead Orchis scientist and Omega Sentinel are waiting for her. Her fate is very easily explained.

Monet and Jean Grey are still onboard the Blackbird as Jean Grey is injured. Orchis has already issued their troops to eliminate the remaining X-men on the Blackbird. Monet stuffs Jean Grey in an escape pod to protect her. Monet then pulls a Wolverine and transforms into her penance form.

There's still the problem of Mystique's control collar though as the air lock is still open and there's no way to get there. Dr Gregor and Omega Sentinel are also in the middle of activating Mother Mold which Omega Sentinel is weary about as Sentinels have had a tendency to go rogue in the past. Someone needs to go outside and uncouple Mother Mold. The only two who could do it are Nightcrawler and Wolverine. Nightcrawler tells him that wherever they end up Wolverine will find Nightcrawler waiting for him.

When the get outside Nightcrawler is immediately vaporized by the heat of the sun as Wolverine's healing factor is barely keeping him alive. He constantly slashes at the control collar. He does it for the future.

He does the deed at last. Mother Mold is struck down. The future is safe. Mother Mold tells the story of the Titans as her and Wolverine plummet into rays of the sun.

Cyclops is forced to watch them plummet into the blazing inferno. Jean Grey contacts him telling him that he needs to get out of there. But she's too late as Cyclops has his brains blown out by Omega Sentinel. Jean Grey is killed when the Sentinel reinforcements called upon by Orchis arrive and crush Jean Grey's escape pod.

Everyone on Krakoa is in anguish. Storm is on her knees and Xavier is in tears. But Charles Xavier has now had enough. There will be NO MORE death.

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