House Of X #5

We apologize for any nudity shown in this post. It's simply for a more graphic reading experience. We apologize if any of the images make readers uncomfortable. We pick up where House Of X #1 started. We finally get an answer for the pods and how they were created. Five people have the answer to that question. Hope Summers, Prodeus, Gold balls (Yes, that's his name) Tempest and Elixir.

Together they can combine their abilities to create these pods and breathe life into them. Together they are the Five. They have the power to ressurect the dead.

They've been brought in because in the previous issue the X-men were killed. This is what Xavier's endgame was. There's a reason that he wears Cerebro. It copies the memories of individuals until the moment they die. He uses the memories of the dead X-men to restore them to life.

Krakoa is awaiting their return. The five are treated like celebrities as the X-men give their proof of who they are. Call backs to previous X-men titles are even made. Most things have come full circle.

More good things for the mutant nation of Krakoa. Emma Frost has walked into the united nations and has manipulated the minds of the ambassadors to vote Krakoa as a legitimate nation. Xavier actually commends her for this as he understands what it takes to invade a mind.

But Xavier has one more thing that he needs to do before Krakoa can be called a legitimate home for all mutants. So far we've seen mutant heroes and characters who've done heroic acts in the past but now it's time for the hard part. They need to accept the bad guys. Even the likes of Apocalypse.

Surprisingly, Apocalypse is the one breaks the silence. His vision was always for mutants to have their own land. He'd even known Krakoa for millions of years. He defended it from monsters when he was the hero of earth. He's noticed what the correct choice is.

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