Justice League #25

The year of the villain begins...

The issue starts where Justice League into the sixth dimension begins when they've all entered the sixth dimension and left Mera, Starman and Jarro (The last remaining living sample of Starro the conque-ror that now works with the Justice League) to keep Mxysptlk imprisoned. Unfortunately, Mxysptlk isn't doing everything he's doing of his accord. He's secretly been working for the world forger and he just realized that the jig is up and he goes his version of super sayan. At the same time the Legion of Doom arrives with someone who can help: Batmite

There's a massive fight between the being who wishes to un-imagine reality and the one controlled by the super villain team working an omniversal goddess of Perpetual and Doom. when The Justice League arrives back to the third dimension they come to discover that the Legion of Doom have explained that the Justice League are responsible for the shenanigans that have taken place and that they're the ones who broke the source wall. They leave out the part about how they also responsible.

Their deal is simple, if you side with the Justice League you make their list but if you side with Doom then you will prosper. There's chaos everywhere with Lex Luthor devoting every last penny of his fortune, every weapon and schematic he has to influence the most dangerous villains to to do one thing: Take out your hero. The Justice League just starts calling in everybody.

Amanda Waller being the person she is heads to the President's office to tell him not to go for the bait that the Legion has left but she walks into something different. Not the most unusual thing to happen in their world. Brainiac then takes the knowledge she has about the deadliest super villains and their whereabouts.

Mera then reveals that Lex Luthor offered to make a sacrifice and that sacrifice was himself. Because of what he did to Amanda Waller Lex was on the most wanted of the police and military. When Captain Atom and the military tried to take him in he blew up the building and he seemingly offed himself.

In reality he'd just transferred his mind into something greater, he'd finally become what he'd always wanted. What you could describe as being the fourth son of Perpetua.

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