Justice League #26

The entire world is in chaos. The citizens who've sided with Doom have been saying that their dreams of Doom have been fulfilled by a man in a cloak.

Martian Manhunter knows that this cloaked man is Lex Luthor. He intends to find him and stop him as he knows that he has some for of a responsibility.

We then cut to the house of heroes where the heroes of the multiverse are assembling to discuss the menace of Perpetua and why need to stop it. He's not asking that they bring any resources from their realities but they do need their expertise and the hope they bring to people as most of humanity has sided with Doom at this point.

Superman introduces them to the world forger who explains that they need to find his brothers if they want to have any opportunity to stand against Perpetua's powers. It's their only chance.

We flash sideways to Martian Manhunter who's tracked the cloaked man to the old Luther house where he's met with a familiar face. He's met with Lionel Luther.

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