Justice League the 6th dimension

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

When there's more to perfection than meets the eye

After Mxyptlk sends Superman into the 6th dimension and he's launched into this place with zero sunlight and his approached by someone who looks like an older version of him who says that they need to talk. This older Superman explains that this place is impossible to escape. The old Superman leaves to see the members of the Justice League who've just arrived. #Trustyourelders

The members of the Justice League arrive to find this perfect world in which the Justice League's vision of peace has come to pass. Dick Grayson has become the protector of Gotham city but it doesn't need it as much as it did as Bruce Wayne's vision of peace for it has come to pass but at the cost of his own life. Martian Manhunter and Hawk girl (Who are married and have a son) handle inter planetary travel, Wonder Woman has opened Themescyra to all seeking peace and Flash and Green Lantern use their abilities to keep peace. #Completevision

Unfortunately the world they see isn't reality as Hawk girl and Martian Manhunter's son show the present day versions that this reality has been forged to deceive them by the world forger who reveals himself to the older Superman to the justice league. He explains that their reality is going to be tested unworthy by the universe judges unless they eliminate certain people. Someone like Superman would completely disagree with this which is why he was locked away. Everyone is against but Batman. The issue ends with him leaving with the world forger while Mxyptlk goes berserk forcing Starman and other remaining Justice League members to handle a being with God like abilities with no major help.

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