Justice League the wrath of the world forger

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

We'll actually be covering multiple comics in this post to save up for the lost time that we've missed out on while covering War of the realms. The Justice League has been sent to an alternate version of the apocalypse that's been turned into a prison run by an evil Lois Lane. The only member left is Batman who's actually started working with the world forget to kill trillions of people in order to purge the multiverse of those who support Doom so the Forger can create a new one that fully supports Justice . The forger reveals that the anti monitor, himself and the monitor were created to influence the multiverse into becoming a place for Perpetua to rule through DOOM. The Forger is willing to do anything he can to stop this. Batman's first task is to move the suns near Superman's prison planet so the forger can contain Superman in a sense of consciousness.

Luckily, back on the apocalypse. Hawkgirl's and Martian manhunter's future son has come to rescue the Justice League. He rescues them and reveals that the Justice League's saviors have arrived and it's a future version of the Legion of Doom who've become a resistance.

They help the league escape and say there farewells with green lantern and Sinestro shaking hands alongside Cheetah telling Wonder woman she respects her. Gorilla Grodd just tells Flash that he still hates him and Flash says thank you. They manage to escape back to this fake Earth that the world Forger has created and they're met with the Forger and he explains that these fake future version of the League is what they could be.

Then, something comes crashing down from the sky and it's a huge suit called the final armour built by a future Batman who used some of the most powerful technology. It's called the final armour.

While the battle rages on Batman strangely just keeps on telling the Justice League to look up and see the light. We then cut to Superman who can hear Batman saying to look up and see the light. Superman looks up to see too many suns to count. Batman has been working behind the Forger's back the whole time. Superman absorbs so much energy that he flies faster than physics itself. He appears and punches the world forger so hard you can see the crater from space. The League explains that the one thing the Forger didn't do was ask the League what they think. The forger sides with the league as they return to their world where Mera explains that weeks have passed since they left as time in the 6th dimension works differently. Mxytptlk and Batmite (Who've been fighting at this point)

have been defeated by the legion of doom who lie and say that this was the League's fault the source was destroyed as it was them who gave the League a push. Lex Luthor fakes his death and Brainiac turns him into a powerful new Martian Human hybrid. They've started working with Perpetua the dark god the Forger mentioned. Every hero is called in and the Forger explains that he needs to find his brothers the monitor and the anti-monitor as they're the only ones powerful enough to even stand against Perpetua.

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