Powers of X #2

This gives us an explanation as to why Professor X and Magneto decided to work together in the first place. Moira Mactaggert and Charles persuaded Magneto that their ideas were wrong and they need to work together since Moira has seen a future where a stable relationship between mutants and humans becomes possible.

We cut to the present day on krakoa where we discover that the information Mystique stole from Damage control was a schematic for master mold that's capable of creating sentinels.

The mother mold is going to create the next generation sentinel and that Sentinel is called Nimrod. The future leader of the man machine supremacy. The most powerful sentinel design.

Cyclops is the first to sign up for the mission to take down the master mold orbiting the sun where Orchis is stationed. This is a possible suicide mission. We time jump to year one hundred with Rasputin, Wolverine, Cardinal, Xorn and Sypher ,or some version of him, who are talking to their leader against the man machine supremacy and that leader is apocalypse.

We jump over to year one thousand and the Phalanx have come. They've been watching Earth and the feel that it's now worthy of ascension.

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