Spidergedon #1

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

The fate of the webslingers at stake and old enemies returning.

"I would give this a 7/10" said RangoVidsOfMangoO12

The issue begins with Spider-man (Miles Morales) fighting and taunting the vulturions but after he defeats them a portal opens and out step Billy Bradock of earth 833 aka spider-UK, Octavia Otto of earth 1104 aka a heroic doctor octopus, Mayday Parker from earth 982 aka Spider-woman, Peter Porker of earth 8311 aka spider-Ham, Peter Parker of earth 90214 aka Spider-man noir, Hobie Brown of earth 138 aka Spider-Punk and Gwen Stacy of earth 65 aka Spider woman. #spidercrew They've shown up to tell Miles that someone is using the inheritors cloning technology which could free the inheritors from the prison radioactive dimension they were thrown into.

We then cut to Otto Octavius aka the superior octopus fighting count Nefaria in San Francisco as Octavius believes that he's a superior hero hence the name. Octavius then reveals that the remaining members of the Nefaria family lineage will be killed by octobots if Nefaria doesn't back down. Nefaria then immediately bursts into laughter because he thinks Octavius is still truly a villain at heart since he's targeting people as he's still threatening people's lives. Nefaria leaves saying that they'll discuss terms of territory at a later time.

Octavius goes back to his base of operations where we discover that he's using the inheritor's cloning technology to make himself immortal. Meanwhile just outside of Octavius's base the #spidercrew walks out a portal and Spider-UK breaks them in where Octavius meets them with two strong squirts of ink. #spidercrew say that they need to destroy the cloning machines but Octavius doesn't believe them and still thinks that he's to superior for the inheritors to return through the cloning machines that he'd reprogrammed. Unfortunately, as they were fighting Octavia noticed that the machine had all of a sudden started cloning an unregistered D.N.A

Spider-man noir rushes in an effort to end it once and for all by destroying the cloning machine but before he can Morlun bursts out of it and grabs Spider-man noir's face as he shot a bullet into Morlun's chest but didn't make a mark. Spider-man noir then spoke the line "Eat...This" and fires of a shot that causes a large explosion. Unfortunately Morlun emerges unharmed saying that he enjoyed Spider-man noir as an appetiser. The issue ends with the horrified faces of everyone. #attackofclonestwo

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