Spidergedon #3

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

How will the spiders fight their enemies if they’re divided by morals.

The story begins with the superior Spider-man (Otto Octavius) and Spider-man PS4 (The Spider-man from the PS4 Spider-man game) swinging out of a dimensional portal to find the Spider-man of Japan fighting (Inside his spider megazord) a monster. They teleport inside the megazord ask the Spider-man of Japan if he would want to join their group of Spider man/women who wish to kill the main villains of the story known as the inheritors. He gladly joins as he views Octavius to be an old friend despite the fact that last time they worked together he ended up killing the original master weaver. (The being who weaves destiny into the web of fate)

Meanwhile in an entirely different universe Spider-man (Miles Morales) has helped the Spider-man of India (Pavitr Prabhakar) web up a bank robber whilst explaining the current situation to Pavitr who comments that dividing the forces seem insane. They then walk through the portal to a group of their own Spider-men/women. Including: Spider Ben and Petey, Sp//dr, Silk, Spider-man and Spinneret #spidercrew

The team converge for what they believe will be the final battle. It's an all out attack on the inheritors with every member of the team battling for the survival of the spider totems. Unfortunately as this team doesn't wish to kill the inheritors they can't fight at full strength which is what gives them the doubt that this might be their last stand. Then the superior Spider-man and his team come swinging through their portal and join the fight and outnumbering the inheritors further. With the inheritors retreating the day is more or less won or is it.

Later in the day the Norman Osborn Spider-man and Spiders-man discuss their plans to trap the inheritors of the main Marvel universe of earth 616.

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