Uncanny X-men #22

Emma Frost has wiped the very concept of Mutants from the minds of every human there is. Havoc even uses his powers in public and no one even notices.

She wiped the minds of everyone apart from the one that counts. That's the mind of one of the greatest mutant haters General Kallahan. He'd put a mental block on himself to prevent himself from being effected. His mutant sentinel hybrids also weren't effected.

Havoc ends up sacrificing himself to save Cyclops after he blast a portion of the park. Cyclops and Wolverine can either stop the sentinels or capture Kallahan.

Multiple Man then steps in and makes a lot of copies to hide Wolverines DNA signature.

Wolverine runs in and slices Kallahan in half. It looks like he was cut in half but he actually sliced of his head. That means that the sentinels are still active but they're without a leader. It seems all hope is lost until the unthinkable happens. The X-men return.

Cyclops and Jean Grey reunite with grudge looks from Emma Frost and Wolverine. #Fanservice

They all persuade Emma Frost to let humans see them again. Their lives won't get any better by doing this but they all agree to deal with what is to come together. As the X-men.

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