Uncanny X men disassembled

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Is the final hope for mutant kind lost

Watch out to see what happens to everyone's favorite rights campaigning heroes of the good the bad and the mysterious.

Uncanny X men disassembled

The issue begins with the member of the X-men known as Kitty Pryde locked in a strange white room with a politician with a prejudice against mutants and apocalypse, the mutant super villain with seemingly endless amounts of power. The man who trapped these 3 people here is an alternate version of Cable known as Nate Grey. He explains that their world of mutant prejudice needs to stop and they need to find a solution and create his vision of "peace".

The Mutant known as Legion then shows up under the guise of being helpful and transports them all away into his fractured mind and despite this being home field advantage he's no match for Nate Grey's power. Nate Grey who has now taken control of Legion's mind goes on offense which forces Jean Grey to summon every member of the X-men there's ever been.

With their combined power they manage to weaken Nate Grey and attack him psychically. Jean Grey then enters Nate's mind to find out that he's on the verge of death and this was his last ditch effort to save the world and make humans and mutants equals once again. He then comes to a terrifying realization he needs to get rid of the X-men.

Just like that he erased them from existence. Without any hesitation. It's because the world hates the X-men more than it legitimately hates mutants. After that it's discovered that there's clinics being opened that are distributing the cure to the mutant gene. That's when Cyclops who was revealed to be alive in the Extermination story line realizes that he has to find away to bring the X-men back together in some way, shape or form.

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