Venom 14 & 15

Eddi Brock who's been given an enchanted symbiote by the war witches is busy battling jack o lantern who's also been given a fancy new look since he's riding a giant dragon.

Eddies got his hands full at the moment. Being as cool as they are they both proceed in an epic battle between villain and anti hero. Eddie is apparently so cool that he doesn't notice his symbiote is starting to burn off but since this isn't a real symbiote and it's just a mystical armour using a symbiote as a template it turns Eddi into this...

He's gone full Asgardian armour because he knows that he's going to need this in order to fight an enemy that's his opposite in every way. Eddie clashes with jack o lantern once again as he pounds on him with his fire dragon. That's when Eddie notices that there are people in serious danger which is when he makes a selfless decision. He gives his symbiote to them for protection.

Realising that he still has a little bit of power left, Eddie creates a symbiote mjlnior and finally puts jack o lantern in his place. The story ends with Eddie Brock returning to his son in their safe house where Eddie tells him the whole story.

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