War of the realms #1

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

The conclusion of an epic story

The largest War in Marvel comics history is hear... again.

The story begins with Thor and his dog on Midgard with Thor throwing his hammers everywhere he can in a desperate attempt to get back to Asgard and find Odin. Without warning "Loki" comes falling out of the sky beaten and bleeding and has come to warn Thor that the dark elf Malekith is about to invade Midgard but he's come too late. The war of the realms has started and "Loki" whisks him away to Yottenheim explaining that's where Malekith is but when they get there "Loki" reveals himself to be Malekith in disguise and disappeared.

Meanwhile on a rooftop in Manhattan Spider-man swings in to assist Thor's mother Freya, Jane Foster and Lady Sif battling some Dark Elves. While this is happening Dr Strange notices that there's multiple portals being opened between realms as he signals Daredevil and Punisher just notices the commotion. Dark elves, Frost giants, Fire demons and all sorts. Then all of a sudden the real Loki shows up and tells Freya that he's come to prove that he's on the side of good and proves this by getting eaten by his Frost giant father. Knowing Loki he most likely made provisions for a situation like that.

The issue ends fighting the remaining Frost Giant army on Yottenheim with three of his seven hammers.

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