War of the realms #2 & #3

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

To make up for lost time we will be covering two issues. The heroes are falling. Luckily the Fantastic 4 have returned to help but not even they can completely comprehend the power of every villain from the 10 realms. Without warning Odin arrives as he apparently managed to stitch himself up after he was almost killed by the dark elves. He's brought the Valkyrie to assist in the battle which buys Doctor Strange and Jane Foster (Who's been made all mother) to get the citizens of New York into the endless Sanctum Sanctorum. Unfortunately even individuals like the Valkyrie can't stand against the combined evil forces of the 10 realms.

The Avengers are forced to retreat to Avengers mountain where Freya (Thor's mother) and Captain America devise a plan. There will be 4 teams. The war Avengers who will attempt to take Manhattan, A sort of secret Avengers who will go to jotenheim to get Thor, A team to rebuild the bifrost and a team to destroy the Black bifrost the one that Malekith is using to travel between realms.

So things aren't going very well at this point. Most of Europe has been taken over by Malekith's forces and something happened with the war Avengers. The members of the team are Weapon H, Captain Marvel, Captain Britain, Venom, Lady Sif, Black Widow and Deadpool.

Malekith has gotten his hands on the Black knights sword and whoever wields it can be hurt but not killed. He uses it to burn Venom to a cinder. Luckily at this point he's left Eddie Brock so all Brock fans can sleep safely tonight. The team going to destroy the black bifrost consists of Ghost rider, Freya, Punnisher and She hulk. They're in the position to destroy the black bifrost but they learn that when Heimdell, Daredevil, The Destroyer and Jane Foster didn't restore the real one. Daredevil was infused with the power of Heimdell making him the god without fear but since everything in the universe started flooding into his head all at once he couldn't get the hang of it before a dark elf suicide bombed the bifrost. So Freya's team must guard the black bifrost.

Captain America's team goes to get Thor only to discover that he's gone into a berserk er rage and has killed every frost giant that has been thrown at him. It's not safe to approach an Asgardian in the middle of a berserk er rage as they're almost like an animal out for blood.

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