War of the realms #4

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

The issue picks up with Captain America's team who somehow managed to free Thor from his berserker rage that'll probably be explained in the next issue of Thor. Unfortunately, Malekith's forces had located Avengers mountain. (Failed to mention that Avengers mountain is a dead celestial) Shuri (Black Panther's sister) is literally firing everything that the Celestial has at Malekith's forces. Luckily, Odin has finally awakened from his sleep but he's not at full strength as he just got dire news that his wife Freya has embraced dark magic to protect the black Bifrost. She's being overwhelmed though as Malekith has arrived and commanding Venom who was thought to have been burnt to a crisp in issue #3 but is still alive and kicking but under the control of the Ebony blade.

Luckily, Odin has arrived and has gotten a wardrobe change ,thanks to Tony Stark and Shuri, and has become "Odin Boison: The Iron All-Father".

Odin and Freya share their last kiss as the Black Bifrost is destroyed. The Avengers have succeeded at holding down Avengers mountain (For now) and Thor emerges with the arm of the Destroyer armor and holding his hammers. It's well and truly hammer time.

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