War of the realms #5

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

The tide has finally turned for the heroes. They've started turning the tide of the war. The forces of Earth have finally started pushing back Malekith's forces. The doramolagay have started fighting back the angels of heaven with the help of the Punisher leading an army of white Elves all armed with automatic weapons. The warriors three have taken control of the one armed destroyer armour and are fighting back Malekith's forces in New York. Thor is killing every Frost giant in sight with his hammers.

It's then revealed that this has been happening one week prior to the current time. Daredevil who has the power of heimdall at this point is giving Thor an escort to the world tree that was thought to be destroyed but is actually still living in the sun. Thor is hoping to gain the powers of Odin by entering the world tree but he has to do it in 24 hours. Meanwhile Malekith is alive and well and torturing the still alive Odin and Freya at stone henge. Meanwhile Jane Foster has been escorted to old Asgard after it was destroyed by Mangod. She walks over to the destroyed Ultimate Thor's hammer and picks it up and...

There's now two Thors and Malekith has a problem. He's set up a force field around stone henge and if anyone other than Thor enters it an explosion is set off. There's now two Thors and if either of them enter then they'll have an equal chance at saving Freya and Odin from their torture.

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