War of the realms #6

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

We pick up with Thor who's nailed himself to the World tree inside the sun and he's given up everything in order to gain the knowledge of Odin and he's had to give up the shard of Mjolnir he's been keeping around his neck.

He's been shown the perfect way to defeat Malekith is to realise the true mantel of Thor. Anyone who's worthy of Mjolnir has the right to the power of Thor. We then cut to Thor's granddaughters at the end of time and they're all reading the history of the war of the realms where they discover that something 'Fantastic' travelled to the future to seek the assistance from an old friend. Old king Thor.

The knowledge Thor found was that they would need more than one Thor in order to end the War of the realms and they've got plenty of Thors to choose from. They travel across time and they also acquire the assistance of young Thor and Jane Foster is gifted with the hammer of the ultimate Thor. Together, they all have the ability to breach Malekith's magical forcefield.

As expected they all collectively bypass the shield at stone henge and storm the forces of Malekith who've all been given the powers of the Venom symbiote using Malekith's dark magic. Unfortunately, Jane Foster's hammer from the ultimate Thor is barely working and could fall apart at any minute.

At the same time, most of Malekith's forces have been defeated with Captain Marvel having defeated the queen of cinders and Captain Marvel is using the queen's blade to slice up Frost giants left and right. The only one left is Laufey who's explained that he never really was working for Malekith as he just wanted to double back and take over Midgard. That's when he pulls out the everfrost. (Might not be the real name but it sounds cool) Daredevil throws Heimdell's sword down Laufeys throat which will come in usefull later.

Meanwhile, the Thor squad is wrecking Malekith and his venom supplied lackies.

They have Malekith on the ropes and he's still talking a big game even though he knows his demise is inevitable which is when Thor reveals his full plan. The spirit of mjolnior has been called down and has just landed on the battle field where Thor tells all his new name: Thor God of the unworthy.

He uses this to K.O Malekith and tear of his arm. Malekith is still trying to explain that he has no fear and that he will never be beaten. Malekith is then attacked by his fear sniffing hounds and is brutally devoured.

Laufey is still wreaking havoc when he feels something cutting out of his chest. Daredevil throwed Heimdall's sword down Laufey's throat because at the beginning of the war Laufey swallowed someone who would know how to use the sword. That person was Loki the god of mischief.

They all reconcile with Daredevil going to pray, Young Thor and Old king Thor talk, Venom goes to prepare for maximum carnage and Jane Foster is bonded with Ultimate Thor's hammer.

This is a preview for Jane Foster's upcoming Valkyrie sereies.

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