War of the realms tie in

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

To fill in the gaps between war of the realms #4 & #5 I'm going to cover some of the tie ins just to see what some of the more minor heroes have been doing. The issue begins with Eddie brock who has separated himself from Venom after he found out that he was hiding the fact that Eddie has a son. Eddie and his son have come back to New York to start a new life but Eddie's son doesn't actually know that he's with his father and believes that Eddie is his long lost brother. Unfortunately when they get there they arrive in a war zone as the war of the realms has just kicked of on Midgard and it's all going down in New York as Eddie and his son try to get to one of Rex Stricklen's safe houses, (Rex was one of Eddie's symbiote friends who sacrificed himself to save the world from the dark symbiote god Knull)

Unfortunately, one of Malekith's war witches spot them and offers Eddie a deal. Using dark magic the war witch offers Eddie a way of getting a new symbiote that can help protect his son. Unfortunately these offers always come with a dark price but Eddie isn't told this and gladly accepts. He becomes something amazing looking.

He gets his son to the safe house and karma strikes when Eddie kills the war witch but there's a drawback. He's been filled with a murderous rage and has a taste for dark elf blood. That means that he's still out in the world with a knack for killing the evil of the 10 realms.

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