The Fellowship

The fellowship is what I like to call the group of people who help make this website run. A fellowship is a group of people who have joined forces to meet a common goal. It obviously works like a team or a squad.  The fellowship will allow people to create and edit posts but if there's any member uploading inappropriate content it will be deleted and the member will get a warning. Every member who provides a picture of themselves or just a picture for their profile will be added to the who we are page but must note that there's only a limited amount of spots. Any member that can't be featured on it will be greeted with an apology on any of their posts or work in general. The members will keep the website running by making blog and Forum posts with the Admin known as inkling567 providing site rules and responding to comments. All new site members who aren't satisfied with their role can either email or talk to the Admin to discuss changing their role.



Note: Any member that's not listed on the "Who we are" page will have to tell visitors about themselves on the member's page. Apologies in advance.



Note: All images used on the site are not created by the site members. These images belong to their creators and copyright holders. This website does not claim any ownership of them and simply use them for informative posts and discussion purposes.


Anyone who has any cool ideas for a post can feel free to create one but keep in mind that we're trying to be child-friendly. Any inappropriate images or posts will be deleted. A reminder that the member who posts the inappropriate material will be given a warning. The News page will look like its lacking in quality but that's to give it more of a newspaper theme.



Site announcement

Can all subscribers and commenters be nice and be positive about their feedback.

Thank you 

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